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Felipe is one of the most prolific contemporary artists in wire sculpture. He has exhibited his work in Colombia, Madrid, Amsterdam and New York where he received an honorable mention at Art Swindle Square in 2012.  Felipe has been awarded by the "Graciela Gómez" foundation as the artist with the best technical ability working with wire.
In addition to his human figures his knowledge of anatomy and structures has allowed him to portray fully three-dimensional and open-form human bodies with wire. His work is known for its powerful realism, for its complexity in its approach where reality and the virtual world are in constant interaction.


Felipe Echeverri / Signal Arachne

Check your Signal series



"It is the signal that appears when there is an absence of it, giving way to emptiness, to the encounter with the real and intrinsic within each one of us. This grayish frecuency full of points invites me to reflect on that long intake of preconceived ideas to which we are exposed daily, at that moment, when I try to find coherence in the rain drops, I find that it is analogous with our daily lives. 

The images we see are what define us. What is designated as I, is formed through what is the other in the image in the mirror, returning the dimension of the other as similar, and that also defines this contemporary narcissus, that man who loves what he sees of himself in others. When we meet the void and continue in the direction towards the confrontation with our self, in the void, we experience a relative freedom. But, when we have the freedom to do what we want, it is difficult for us to guess who we are. And what dominates us is uncertain". Felipe Echeverri

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