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Forbidden to forget: 

Traces of the conflict over the territory


“Forbidden to forget”, these words have become a banner and an exercise in memory for the victims of the armed conflict in Colombia and for all those who want the war to end.


Historically, Colombia has been immersed in a war for territory. The possession of large lands to convert them into monocultures of palm, banana, coca, marijuana, mining, extensive livestock, etc. it has been the mainstay of the problem in the country. This has brought with it the financing of illegal armed groups and the dispute over the routes for the commercialization of their products. Although there is talk of the signing of a peace agreement between the government and the FARC guerrillas, it is true that there are still other groups that continue to harass the people and the territories.


Now with the pandemic, with eyes focused on COVID19, the territories have been left unprotected and the internal Colombian conflict, along with the mega industry that does not stop, has increased insecurity in the countryside. The armed groups have made their confrontations raw, giving free way to businessmen who want to exploit the land at all costs. It is estimated that so far in 2020 between 40 and 60 massacres have occurred. All this for the control of the territory.


This series shows evidence of the effect of the war in some places near the Macarena, San José del Guaviare and Mapiripán mountains. These areas have been severely hit by war and are territories where peace is being sought.

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