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De Loma en Loma

Soacha, Colombia.

De Loma en Loma was submitted as my Graduate Thesis work at the University of the Arts London. The project documented youth in Cazucá, a marginalized neighborhood that is located on the border between Bogotá and Soacha, Colombia. This neighborhood is populated by internally displaced people, and is considered an ¨urban invasion¨. It is highly stigmatized as a neighborhood of criminal gangs. On google maps it appears only as a blurry uninhabited place.


Together with young people from the Labzuca creative laboratory, we documented the neighborhood and its inhabitants through social cartographies, photos and interviews that were shared on the internet (link below), in a book and an exhibition at UAL in London. The objective was to show that people exist in these places that are essentially erased by virtual maps; with the youth, we wanted take control of the narrative and highlight the positive aspects of the community and neighborhood, and fill-in or give shape to what is not captured on the virtual maps.

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